Appleby, Samuel 1806 – 1868

Samuel Appleby was born in 1806 (baptised June of that year) in Egmanton, Nottinghamshire to parents Mary (nee Calvert) and Samuel.  He married Mary Ann(e) Crowther on the 25th December, 1828.  They had a number of children (1841 census : 5 daughters and a son).  The 1861 census refers to him as “Nurseryman, seedsman and teacher of botany“, and notes that he was an employer of 5 men.  He was based in Carr Lane, Doncaster and then at Balby.  He lived at St John’s Cottage, Balby

He contributed various articles to the Doncaster, Nottingham and Lincoln Gazette, for example, “Botanical Reminiscences” (1865).  He also addressed the Doncaster Philosophical Society on “Botanical features of the neighbourhood of Doncaster“.  He wrote for “The horticultural register and gardener’s magazine“, for example on growing of dutch bulbs – see below:

Appleby advertised regularly in “The gardener’s magazine’, offering services as a florist, nurseryman, ladscape and ornamental gardener.

Samuel Appleby is referenced in ‘Early Nurserymen’ by John Harvey, and is also to be found on the Kew database.

Appleby died on 20th June 1868 as indicated by publicly available records such as the probate register.  His brother, Frederick Appleby,  was the pharmacist in the Market Place at Retford for some 50 years.

I am indebted to F Appleby for further details of his Great Great Grandfather.

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