Benson, Richard de Gylpyn (1856-1904)

Was born In East London. He trained as a solicitor, but ill health meant that he ‘retired’ at an early age and he moved to Pulverbach (not dis-similar to his father, a medic who also retired at a young age).

He was a very keen bryologist and a detailed biography of his life / times / relations can be found at

He contributed a paper to the Journal of Botany 1893 on ‘Shropshire Mosses”. He died in Pulverbatch in 1904. Some of his moss specimens are housed at the Natural History Museum.  Many of the flowering plants that he collected in and around Pulverbatch can be found at the herbaria@home

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  2. Alex Lockton says:

    There is an account of Benson’s moss collection in Stoke Museum at (page 6).

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