Curnow, William (1809 – 1887)

William Curnow was born November, 1809 in Newlyn. He married Jane Kneebone ? (LDS record) in Oct 1835.  The census records from 1841 to 1881 place him (and his family – children William and Ann) as living at Pembroke Cottage, , Newlyn (Penzance).  He was a market gardener – who managed some 11 / 12 acres and had three labourers in his employ (1871 census).

There are many of his sheets at H@H, nearly all specimens collected locally.

He supplied some mosses for Rabenhorst – Bryotheca Europaea, this can be viewed on line . He contributed to The Phytologist, The Journal of Botany and The Penzance Natural History Society.

He died in in January, 1887; a small obituary (written by William West) who records that he was ‘a charming and generous correspondent’ may be found here.  Further information is also available on  this web page :

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