Green, Charles Baylis (1851-1918)

Charles Baylis Green was born in Worcestershire, his father was a gardener. In 1861, the census records that he and his mother were in Worth, Sussex. In 1875, he married Emma Eliza Snare, and they had a daughter Edith. In 1891 & 1901 he is recorded as living in Myrtle Terrace, Acton – also true in 1906 (From Electoral Register). His occupation is variously given as mercantile clerk, railway accountant, retired RCH clerk. He apparently worked at the railyway clearing house, Euston.

He was a member of the Acton Natural History Society, and recorded and photographed many plants in the Middlesex area. H@H and the South london Botanical Institute hold a significant number of his Middlesex sheets / collections

He retired in 1910 and moved to Dorset. Here he recorded many different species of plants, including some rarities. His herbarium passed to the Bournemouth Natural Science Society.

He died October 1918 at Linden Villa, Argule Road, Swanage, Dorset.

He wrote on Ferns (e.g. Fern hunting in winter; C. B. Green British Fern Gazette II (1913) 56] and ‘Some Isle of Purbeck plants’ [C. B. Green Bournemouth Natural Sciences Society VII (1916) 48].

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