Hanbury, Daniel (1825-1875)

Daniel Hanbury (1825-1875)

FRS FLS etc. pharmacologist, Quaker and botanist.

Travelled and corresponded extensively to obtain specimens for his study of pharmacognosy and Chinese materia medica – his notes on the latter may be read here:


The Pharmaceutical Society commemorates him with the Hanbury medal.  Hanbury’s Herbarium was donated to the Pharmaceutical Company and details may be found here :


He assisted younger brother Sir Thomas Hanbury in laying out La Mortola gardens at Ventimiglia. Disliked alcohol and tobacco, avoided meat and never married ; he died from enteric fever.  The snippet below is from his obituary in the Journal of Botany, 1875.

Exchanged plants with W W Saunders.

Image below taken from a sheet at H@H :

A memoir of Daniel Hanbury and his work may be read in Science Papers – from which his likeness is taken.

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