Helsby, Isaac (1858 – 1940)

Many of the sheets that  have been ‘processed’ by the herbaria@home project come from the collection of Isaac Helsby.  The notes on the herbarium sheets are in a precise and neat script.  To date, some 1300+ Helsby sheet have been added to the H@H database.

I HelsbyIsaac Helsby was born in Rainhill, Liverpool in 1858. He was a civil engineer / draughtsman by training.

He married Alice Smith Holmes in 1880 and they moved to Watford soon after.  They had four daughters and one son Frederick George.

His eldest daughter was Elsie, the others were Elizabeth, Alice and Evelyn.  Elsie married William V Copple and had three sons.

On some of Helsby’s sheets – the name Elsie Copple is to be seen, as is the name of her son Richard Copple.

Clearly the botanising ‘ran in the family’.  Isaac  and family lived at Kingsfield Road, Watford for a number of years.  He died in 1940, aged 81.

Isaac Helsby 1

My thanks to Meg Pettitt (nee Copple) for the information above, and also Claire Copple, wife of David Copple, grandson of Elsie Copple, and great grandson of Isaac Helsby for the photographs of Isaac Helsby above.

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  1. meiosis says:

    I have forwarded the above on to Meg.

  2. Elizabeth Booker says:

    I found this site by chance as I am tracing my family history. My maiden name is Copple and Richard Copple was my father. Meg is my cousin and would really like to know how I could get in touch with her as I have no contact details. I had no idea the our great grandfather Isaac Helsby was a botanist. I hope you can help. Many thanks.

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