Levinge, Harry Corbyn (1831-11/1896)

Harry Corbyn Levinge (1831-11/1896) of Knock Drin Castle, Mulligar, J.P, D.L.

He spent many years in the Indian Civil Service [Bengal], where he collected ferns; particularly in Sikkim and Kashmir. Unfortunately much of his collection was destroyed in a fire. On his return, he interested himself in the Irish flora and contributed a number of important papers on this topic to the Irish Naturalist and the J of Botany (1892). He published “The plants of Westmeath” in 1894.  A number of other notable botanists visited him at Knock Drin, for example, the Lintons and E S Marshall (see below).

The fern Adiantum levinge was dedicated to him by J G Baker. His herbarium is now housed in the National Museum in Dublin.

The snippet below is an example of his handwriting :

Further info :


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