Rayner, John Frederick – FRHS (1854-1947).

John Rayner spent much of his working life in Hampshire (as a florist) – being based in Swaythling,  Southampton.   Some of his specimens and sheets have begun to appear on H@H as the SLBI herbarium is added to the database.  The Harvard database of botanists / collectors suggest that others may be in the Oxford herbarium and the NHM.

His H@H sheets may be accessed here : http://herbariaunited.org/specimensearch/?collector=John+Frederick+Rayner&colid=21636&search=search

Rayner wrote “In search of wild flowers” (Watts and Co, London) – this text may be accessed and read online at www.archive.org


wild flowersHe also produced “A standard catalogue of English names of our wild flowers” 1927 and was responsible for “A Supplement to Townsend’s Flora of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight”, 1929. 

His name is associated either as a contributor or is referenced in various volumes of the Journal of Botany (e.g. Vol. 53, p353) and those of various local Natural history organisations, for example, Bournemouth Natural Science Society (A Guide to the fungi and mycetozoa of the New Forest), the Monthly Journal of the British Empire Naturalists Association and the Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society.

He was President of the Southampton Natural History Society, organizing wild flower exhibitions that were held in the Art Gallery of the Central Free Library.   Eventually (circa 1922), he stopped active botanical expeditions on the advice of his GP –  see http://sotonnhs.org/docs/History%20-%20all%20pages.pdf .  He was also a member of the British Mycological Society.

His listing in the database of botanists at Harvard University may be accessed here : .http://kiki.huh.harvard.edu/databases/botanist_search.php?id=41708

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