Jordan, Robert Coane Roberts (1825-1890)

Parents : William Rufus Jordan (b 1793) in Teignmouth (Solicitor), wife Mary born in Ashburton, Devon.

Robert Coane was baptized in Teignmouth in 1825.  In 1851, the family were living at Triangle Place, Teignmouth; that is William and Mary, plus three of their Children (Robert Coane Roberts, Charles James Rufus, and Francis Selina Sophia) – there was another child who was older  – William Risdon Hall Jordan, but not recorded as resident at the family home at the time of the census.

The three brothers are therefore
Robert Coane Roberts Jordan  R C R J
Charles James Rufus Jordan, C J R J
William Risdon Hall Jordan W R H J
and their sister is Francis Selina Sophia Jordan F S S J.

In 1861, R C R Jordan, his wife Elizabeth and their daughter Emily (see label) Francis were living at Ladywood, Birmingham.  They later moved to Edgbaston. By profession, he was a Doctor and was appointed to the staff of the Queen’s College, Birmingham.  There are a number of references to him holding the position of Professor of Comparative Anatomy (see The British Almanac Vol 33, The Lancet Vol 1) at the new Birmingham School of Medicine.

Though he collected many plants and his sheets are represented amongst the H@H pages, he seems to have been particularly interested in insects.  That having been said, he left a significant collection of British and Swiss plants.

He contributed many papers to various entomological and natural history journals (Transactions of the Royal Entomological Society of London, Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society 1886 – a contribution on the flora and lepidoptera of Norway).  One of his early letters was to The Phytologist  (Volume 2, p 338) on ‘Alyssum calcycinum and Narcissus biflorus near Dawlish’ [September 19, 1845).

See also for an obituary.

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4 Responses to Jordan, Robert Coane Roberts (1825-1890)

  1. Chris says:

    Had a look through census returns, cannot find a house or road associated with the Jordans by that name.

  2. Chris says:

    I will have a look

  3. Sarah Stille says:

    Corrected grid ref. SP028854

  4. Sarah Stille says:

    As noted some time ago, there are several sheets of Jordan’s labelled ‘Ravenhurst’, and there is a Ravenhurst Fields in Knightlow Road, Harborne, SP0285 which was at one time a cricket ground, and nearby Ravenshurst Road, Harborne. This seems a highly likely place for Jordan as an academic, and family to live – is there any further knowledge about it? I see Edgbaston above – which is almost the same area?
    (copied frm messageboard on Herbaria@Home)

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