Saunders, William Wilson 1809-79

William Saunders was born in Little London, Wendover, Buckinghamshire on June 4th, 1809. He worked as an underwriter at Lloyds of London.

He was a keen entomologist (as well as a botanist); and was twice President of the Entomological Society  [1841-1842 and 1856-1857].

His botanical contributions included editing the “Refugium Botanicum” 1868-73 ( which includes figures / descriptions of little known or new plants)

and also Mycological Illustrations, 1871-2.   The latter can be accessed at (click here ).
A species of Potentilla was named after him.

He died in September 1879 at Worthing, Sussex.

Some of his sheets / collections may be seen at H@H

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