St Brody, Gustavus A Ornano (1828 -1901)

born France 1828,  died Wallingford, Berks 22 Nov. 1901  BSc Sorbonne, Paris & PhD Göttingen.   Elected FLS in 1863.   Married at Lytham, Lancs in Dec, 1880 to Mary Lever (source :

He published a Flora of Weston-super-Mare (1856); this was connected with his botanical lecture-classes.

“it is the delight of the exploring botanist, to increase his practical knowledge by visiting spots known to him by the name of privileged localities. in such places numerous uncommon plants abound, and he feels sure that the toils of a careful search will be amply rewarded…”

quote from ‘Flora of Weston super Mare’.   This publication was sponsored by the ‘great and good’ of the area, it starts with a list of their names. It then continues with a glossary of botanical terms : anther, bifid, campanulate, deltoid, elliptical etc. (see

He also published in the Journal of Botany, for example :  ‘New Gloucestershire Plants’   (J. Bot. 1866, 121–23).

He later advertised a Flora of Somersetshire (1856) but it was never published, though there is the suggestion that manuscript passed with other material to Gloucester Museum.  He was for some time a member of the Botanical Exchange Club.

A sample of his handwriting (from one of his sheets at H@H) is below :

His herbarium is at Bristol and Gloucester Museums.

See Journal of Botany, 1902. Vol 40 at

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