Botanical snippets

This page contains odd links or short notes about things that might interest the ‘botanical historian’, plant taxonomist, environmentalist etc

Incidentally, has been mentioned here : which is all about herbaria and plant collections worldwide.



As the site seeks to record a little bit about the lives of C18, C19 and C20th botanists, there is little point in duplicating material that is covered elsewhere.   One such example is a biography of H C Watson of vice counties, Cybele Britannica and Topographical Botany fame – an excellent summary of his work may be found here (Thanks to David Price for the link).

Another very useful link from David – about ‘old’ books that can be accessed online :

found by Dawn on a sheet at H@H

– now somewhat expanded here :

Another link from David Price, this time about the contribution that Quakers have made to the biological sciences :

Note, that meiosis has a separate section to acknowledge the contribution of Quaker botanists (where this is known).

Excellent photo of Dr J Fraser as Hon Surgeon, 4th Staffordshire Volunteers.


and a detailed biography:


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